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What is Homix  

Homix is much more than a smart thermostat, it provides you with lots of features and services that will make your daily home management smarter, easier and more immediate. Homix optimally manages the heating of your home, turning it into a smart system that learns your family's usage routines and automates heating according to your needs , allowing you to save money while respecting the enviroment


How to interact with Homix  





Homix Home

With Homix Home you have a Smart Home gateway with an intuitive touch interface. You can then use all the features offered by Homix to manage your home.

It can be mounted on the wall (replacing your old thermostat) or on a shelf and it only requires a Wi-Fi connection to work.





Alexa Built-in

Alexa is built-in into Homix Home, you don't need anything else! Amazon Alexa is the intelligent voice service through which you can interact with Homix Home. Ask Alexa to listen to music, to check latest news, the weather forecast and control the Smart Home devices just using your voice. Adjust the temperature or dim the lights while seated comfortably in an armchair - all without lifting a finger!  





Mobile App

With the Homix app you're always at home, even when you're not there. You can monitor what's going on at home anytime, anywhere.

Security is always at hands in your smartphone.  


A real smart thermostat





Smart heating

Homix learns your family's routines and it only activates when needed. Thanks to geolocation, you can make the most of the smart features of the thermostat, so that it only works when needed. If you want, you can also program the thermostat in manual mode so that you decide the temperature you want in each time slot.  





Multizone heating

If you want more control over home temperature, replace the thermostatic heads on your radiators with Danfoss Ally TM Radiator Thermostats. You will be able to configure "Heating Zones" to manage different temperatures in each room of your home.  





Homix saves your money

Thanks to its artificial intelligence features, Homix optimizes heating cycles to increase the comfort of your home while reducing consumptions.

This way you save energy and help the environment.  


And much more…





The smart home for the whole family

You can invite all members of your family to use Homix. Choose the most suitable profile for them and activate notifications to know when they enter or leave home.  





More security for your home

Homix is ​​also a very smart security system: it automatically activates and deactivates when needed and monitors what happens at home. If something is wrong, it lets you know with a notification.


It requires the purchase of additional Homix devices  





Smart lighting system

Homix provides smart lighting without the need for works on the electrical system of your home. By purchasing the Homix Smart Bulbs you can adjust intensity and color of the light according to the different needs of the day, eliminating unnecessary waste.


It requires the purchase of additional Homix devices  

Homix devices. A product line designed to connect you to the future.

Set up your personalized system buying the Homix series devices. You can do it during the purchase of the kit or later on.

Componi il tuo sistema personalizzato comprando i dispositivi della serie Homix. Puoi farlo durante l’acquisto del kit o in un secondo momento.   





Danfoss AllyTM Radiator Thermostat

It allows you to manage the temperature of your home if you have a central heating system or if you have an independent heating system and want more control.  





Smart Camera

Thanks to the Smart Camera you can monitor your home and record a video in the event of an alarm.  





Contact Sensor

Apply the contact sensors to doors and windows to monitor closings and openings. Very easy to install, you can also decide which sensors to activate.  





Multi-Sensor with Homix Smart Protection

Homix Multi-Sensor is a motion, temperature and brightness sensor that makes your home safer. Once positioned it is almost invisible. Homix Smart Protection is the first home theft damage insurance on-demand and pay-per-use, with coverage up to € 5,000, that you activate with one click from the Homix App.  





Smart Bulb

Just replace the old light bulbs to provide your home with smart lighting. You can also manage these smart bulbs remotely.  





Smart Plug

All your electrical devices can become smart thanks to this smart plug. It also works as a repeater between Homix devices.  

Download the app for iOS and Android devices




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